November 4, 2017

Poetry: “Coma”

Winter’s breath
Living death

Silver beads
Dearth of green
Crystal clouds
Inspire steam

Forlorn fornication

Rub one out for warmth
Eat the chapped scraps
Rations run low

Jutting glaciers
Spear the horizon
Frozen seas
Unlimited depth


Memory coma
Mind roaming
Keep the changing vision
Blooming in the gloaming

Pagan’s prayer
Worship the moon
Lunar synthesis
Sun-blind night



© Jane Bled 2016-2017
All Rights Reserved


My guiding light | Photo © Jane Bled

Always the moon.

The day before Halloween, I stumbled upon this amazing three-piece suit in the window of my favorite secondhand store. It whispered my name — “You know you want to wear me” — and Frost Daddy was born.