November 6, 2017

Poetry: “Believe”

And I woke up in darkness,
Awash with red light,
As voices unholy
Chorused of my demise.

Stowed away,
Come out to play;
Tagged the crew,
Renamed the game —
New prey to tame.

A killer in disguise
Wholesaled my pride
To the highest bidder.
I withered, bitter
In the light;
But still,
I stole a thrill
From the pilot’s chilly flight.

God gave me back life
Blessings blossomed out of sight.
He took the sins from my lips
And replaced morbid whims;
He cast out the water
To drown down the night.

I put up a fight
In the words that I write.

Soaring through the sun’s storm,
I spread my wings
To survive.


© Jane Bled 2016-2017
All Rights Reserved.

Defiance © Jane Bled


Mind contortionist
Unleashed a cursed illusion
Backwards, bent my nerve