November 6, 2017

Poetry: “Believe”

And I woke up in darkness,
Awash with red light,
As voices unholy
Chorused of my demise.

Stowed away,
Come out to play;
Tagged the crew,
Renamed the game —
New prey to tame.

A killer in disguise
Wholesaled my pride
To the highest bidder.
I withered, bitter
In the light;
But still,
I stole a thrill
From the pilot’s chilly flight.

God gave me back life
Blessings blossomed out of sight.
He took the sins from my lips
And replaced morbid whims;
He cast out the water
To drown down the night.

I put up a fight
In the words that I write.

Soaring through the sun’s storm,
I spread my wings
To survive.


© Jane Bled 2016-2017
All Rights Reserved.

Defiance © Jane Bled


Mind contortionist
Unleashed a cursed illusion
Backwards, bent my nerve

-Jane Bled

What’s done is done.

Thank you for attending the viewing. This month marks the fifth anniversary of my suicide attempt, and the subsequent death of my former self. Why am I commemorating the morbid event? A self-taught lesson: to never forget; to stay alive, despite my toxic love affair with self-destruction; to cleanse.

Side note: good luck to my fellow NaNoWriMo participants. I won last year (meaning I completed the first draft of a 50K-word novel), and have every intention on winning again this year. Since I’m a bit behind on my word count, I’ll take my leave to play catch-up. Slow and steady…


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Dreaming, writing, singing. Curious queer human. Soul-deep; heart speaks.


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