November 9, 2017

Poetry: “Undertow”

I would not request
To furnish the snowflakes
With sequined silkscreens


I would not banish
Tannins from corks
To remodel restitution


I would not quell
A body’s turbulence
In half-measured happiness


I would not reveal
The complacency of divinity
Taking tears to task


I would find peace in drenched polyester;
Morbid mind:
Solemn, sequestered.

Drowned down
By storm-cell swells —
Bursting free
From grayscale geysers —
Glitter gels
Between chimes of Hell’s bells;
Rearview undertow
Drags drenched devils
To tread water
Through hindsight.


© Jane Bled 2016-2017
All Rights Reserved.

Rearview © Jane Bled

Paid harassment
The watchdogs on high alert
How I suffer you