I’ve resisted for this long…
Then again,
Here you come,
Strolling down the bee-lined path,
Peacocking as you always have,
And I’m stumbling into
Your strutted web.

The way you take my breath,
Until I’m begging not to breathe…
Now I understand
Why he can’t bear
To let you leave;
And why you keep him falling,
Without a safety net to catch,
The casually-crushed remnants
Of a love-hate studded past.

Glittering queen,
Glissading through the trees,
Your spectre shimmers
Like sceptered city lights,
And he does what he can
To bottle your sighs,
Because your pretty white lies
Taste like pristine salvation,
Drunk from the dipper
Of divine damnation.

Sweetest honey,
Pretty please,
Won’t you take
What’s left of me to drink?
*glasses clink on the bathroom sink*

This is how she kills.


© Jane Bled 2016-2017
All Rights Reserved.

Blow Queen © Jane Bled