November 16, 2017

Poetry: “Replanted”

In my life apart from living
I climbed branch to beam
Balancing between
Valances, vaulting
Off valiant verity
Gazing though
Sugar-spun glimpses
Of windowsill geraniums
Viewing vinous virility

Ambling along
Alacritous alleyways
Of orbiting orchard
Bobbing for apples
On grappling hooks
Baited by charismatic
Bargain books
Fogging up
Faded tunes
On looming afternoons

Looking in
Opportunity hard-knocked
To scheme-dream the theme
A recycled plot


© Jane Bled 2016-2017
All Rights Reserved.

Overground © Jane Bled

A polite request
As they were, natural state
Private dance card filled