November 17, 2017

Poetry Reading: “Cache”

Warning: the following poem contains ideologically-sensitive material, sexual situations, and strong language. Reader discretion is advised.

“Water, no lemon,”
I beg the waiter.
He meets my blind date
In the dumbwaiter.
They ride down to the storeroom:
“How do you do?”
Gratuities gratify

Germaphobic resurrection
Redirects repressed aggression.
“Don’t worry about protection —
The basin’s full of soap scum.”
“Hell yeah, uh-huh!”

Pumping, scrumping,
In sanitary filth
Up to the hilt —
Ignoring the niggling
Voice of guilt.

Air-conditioner fingers
Caress bandwidth adhesions;
Climbing bulging discs —
Quilted moisturized
In, then out:

Pay no attention
To homophobic
Persecuting scourge
Cleanses the purge —
Homo sapient resurgence.

Stay distant,
Denizens of Mars;
Men of the cloth
Might cache the scars.

© Jane Bled 2016-2017
All Rights Reserved.


Let it be known: I don’t give a holy fuck about who you chose to fuck. Personally, I am queer. Not necessary for you to know that, but I’m comfortable with my sexuality and I choose not to hide it.

I do, however, have difficulty understanding and empathizing with people who date the opposite sex to appear “normal” and then willfully deceive their partner (note: this is a different scenario than when the “beard” is a willing participant in the deception — it’s dangerous to be out in many societies, so some people will arrange their lives to appear a certain way with the consent of their “coverup”).

That being said, persecuting people based on their sexuality is equally troubling. There are enough problems in the world to contemplate without worrying about whether or not your coworker’s dick has been inside his male friend’s mouth; or whether your doctor likes to eat out her female roommate. Of course, sexuality is more fluid and complex than I have described it above: two admittedly-trite examples of homosexuality. I’m sure you can think of some better ones to illustrate my point.

Thank you for your attention. Please play safely. 😉