November 28, 2017

Poetry + Snap: “Venom”

Acrimonious wit
Feeds appetence
Kindles cat-scratch
Into slack-loose folds
Of shunned soliloquies
To assume Hate’s shapes
Or so Love seems

Apodyopsis peeps through
The cracked porch screen
That separates aeipathy
From looking-glasses
Of reality

Drunken symphonies weep
Stripped slits
Stricken sleep
Venom milked
Stroked suckled
From cuts too deep


“If you can’t laugh at yourself, then I feel sorry for you. It’s never too late to take that diamond out of your rhymes-with-fear. ‘Your’ meaning the general ‘your’ — but please, take it personally! I’m sure you will anyway.”

An unedited snippet from my 2017 NaNoWriMo novel Damask. WIP it good…


About Jane Bled

Human. Happy in my solitude. Free of expectations. Awakening. Light side: love, peace, art. Dark side: ****** I despise the word 'follower'. It calls to mind lemmings, sheep, cults, etc. Here to exhibit my art -- not aiming to gain a flock of seagulls that mournfully cry out my name as they fail to reach me.


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