December 7, 2017

Poetry: “Exit”

“Stinking Creek Road”
Exit 144
Off I-75
Dirty-snow sky

Monotony drizzles down
The spit-dry windshield,
And I just finished telling him,
“I’m not crazy, baby!”
(That cockroach was bigger than my hand, I swear)

Texturized barriers
Steal focus from the weak spots;
Those bits of Spanish moss:
Geriatric pubic hair —
’70’s porn star bush!

Craggy rock walls,
Sans discernible features,
Loom, gloomy:
“No more pie in the sky.”

Model-town skyscrapers
Would have a helluva time
Condescending to this mortuary mall.

Rotting rain-washed leaves —
Soldiers fallen from sepia screams —
Come to perish atop steep knolls
That line the vestal valleys
Like bent knees.

Draping limbs of trees
Limn the limerence
of Nature’s lust affair
With verdancy,
Without clemency.

Signs of life diminish…
Exit —


© Jane Bled 2016-2017
All Rights Reserved.

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