Traded pink cotton candy
For saltwater taffy reveries.
Endured emotional battery
(Slattery so fine,
You’d think he’d paid
Half the fee).

She robbed the pantry,
That cradle thief!
Coveting coverless cupboards —
A test tube subject
For two-for-one
The Guinea pig’s
Digging for truffles
In senor(ita)’s skirt ruffles.

You could unlace
My fraught felicity
Within a glitch of
Simply put:
Spill all your blood
For me
(She’s already taken
That rascal’s remedy).

Andromeda’s tempest
Of tragedy
Snuffs out his ire’s
I have everything
You never need.
I am nothing here,
But the lines
You read

So come on!
Try out the d(r)unking booth!
I heard the first pitch’s
Guaranteed to be
Three strikes,
Times two spikes,
And you’re sure to lose
Heads (tails) twice;
Side by side,
Mounted on pikes…

But none of these words
Pertain to you, Stripes.
I just like how they taste in my mouth,
Like how a boomerang sounds.
Now they’ve run out,
So I’m jotting them down.

Grip it, shake it —
Take my hand.
No, Jan,
This wasn’t part of the plan.
Yes, Dan,
She’ll always be your man.

Pulley me in.
Hold-a me close.
Just one last page,
‘Til I give up
Your ghost.


© Jane Bled 2016-2017
All Rights Reserved.

Cotton Candy Clouds ©Breanne Beals