December 10, 2017

Poetry: “Stalwart”

Limitations learned
To cushion water-break blows
That morphed marked hands
Into spindle-shanks
Awareness spreads low blows
Into bleeped-out lingo;
Gloating from the cock, crowing,
“SS, DD.”
(That’s what s/he said)
Drizzling syrup-sleeves
Upon fat butter pats:
Pabulum indeed
For book-wench well-read
In redamancy,
Allergic to sunscreen.

Infection operates through
Rampant contagion, bursting wild.
Hooks traded for eye patches
And I wear mine well;
Glasses perched
High on the shelf
Where no one can reach.
“You can’t.”
“Don’t try.”
But I must.
So I shall.


© Jane Bled 2016-2017
All Rights Reserved.

Hey, guys! © Jane Bled

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Human. Happy in my solitude. Free speech; unencumbered by expectations. Awakening. My purpose: to exhibit my art. Thank you for browsing my gallery. Namaste. Oh, hey. And FUCK you. ;)


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