December 12, 2017

Poetry: “Mercury”

As sleep disbands,
Fantasy chords
The embers of disintegrated dreams.

Gliding away from limestone shores,
We flew with griffin’s wings.
Descent, though preconceived,
Evoked a fearless peace:
The severance of deceit.

Strength within chimeric grip,
Palm to palm, soul-kissed;
Harbored to night’s dock,
You anchored below.
I’ll call on you tomorrow.

Falling snow –
As were we –
Carpets the sun’s glare:
A respite from daggered light.
Though I do not struggle to recall
How you looked at me
Behind his cloud,
I squint to glimpse
The shadow –
Your inky gaze –
A man
Candled by stars.


© Jane Bled 2017
All Rights Reserved.

Eye-star © Sourcebooks | Colored by Jane Bled

Check out “Bottle Me”, my new fav song addiction. Bought the 5-track album on Amazon last week; been listening to the future is pointless nonstop ever since.