This god revels in cruelty,
Bathes in tears wrought
From the blade of suffering;
Values power over morality,
And rigs the outcome to break
In his favor
(Altered reality, some will savor).

He feeds insecurities with diatribes,
Buzzes around his burgeoning hive;
Loading bombs baked to detonate
Upon the souls who crave death’s taste
(Selves to waste).

Across the percolating planks
Tiptoe the targets, those wretched wraiths
Hunched over dumpsters in urban
(Allies in misery, all in a tizzy).

United in defenselessness,
Humiliated by humbleness,
They rest on matted haunches,
Waiting for the sky to fall
And obliterate all

*Rocket launches*

10, 9, 8…


© Jane Bled 2016-2017
All Rights Reserved.

Dictator © Jane Bled