December 20, 2017

Poetry + Snap: “Grease”

Homogenous Tic-Tacs
Titillate thumb tacks.
Wintergreen scheming,
Skeptical dreaming;
Sleeping pills don’t pay the tariff
From taxing teas.
Use more elbow grease,
Old squeeze,
To box in the festering fleas.

Caffeinated memes
Jitter between hostilities
And shorten graveyard shifts
To gentrify bile-driven snowdrifts,
The effect of which
Causes blame to shift
And nether-lips
Tighten spasming slits.
Anatomy differs
By negligible inches.

A call to action
Stalls training traction.
Blue-collar bereavement —
Feet pounding the pavement —
Steal a buck to save it.

Hey, Homey!
Don’t play dis.



The meanie who lives upstairs © Jane Bled