December 29, 2017

Poetry: “Drinking Game”

Warning: the following poem contains sexual imagery. Reader discretion is advised.


A slick cherry stem
Tied and twisted in knots
Bite the end of her tongue
Swish bourbon shots

Breathe gin-and-tonic
Lime-juice sighs
To part
Her pliant thighs

Climbing higher
Here’s the spot
Rub and pinch
Jackpot slot

Shaky breath
Sneaking in
Wedged between
Salt-peppered skin

Emulsified ardor
Bear down
Bite harder

Edges loom
Larger than life
Widow peaks
A leaky goodbye
Adieu to fumbled words
And weak wet dreams

The songbird’s
Folded wings.


“Drinking Game”
© Jane Bled 2016-2018
All Rights Reserved. 

Cherrytea © Jane Bled