January 14, 2018

Poetry: “Listening”

Warning: strong language, sexual situations. Reader discretion is advised.

Because I can.
(Parce que je peux)
Can’t hear me?
(Oh, là là!)
Turn down da fan.

Oui, oui, oui!
No ‘we’
Without ‘me’ —
This little piggy went
Hee-haw, hee-hee!
All the way home
Then kept on going…

Put the pedal to the medal
And filled up
An empty cup
On a full tank
Of the premium stuff.
Spermicidal saliva —
Perpendicular desire —
Bred in the blue-hued fire.

Do it ’til you’re dead!
Do it dirty to the Red.
Don’t take it to your bed —
Park it on the side street instead;
Or pull it in the carport, Ned!
Rest your wooly head
Between the bucket seats;
(Smells like gasoline)
Break unleaded bread
Without the added sense of dread.

Multiple choice:
A to E.
Connect the dots.
Make believe you’re free
To John Hancock on the dotted line…
That, there —
It’s yours, sir
This here rhyme,
It’s mine.

Don’t worry,
I’m better than fine.
Turn up my smile on a dime.
Mike Hunt eats thine!
Only counts as a swear word
If the flock forgets to herd
The birds flicking off filthy verbs.
*Insert choice words*

Tie the knot,
Make haste!
Not a moment left to waste!
What comes in
Goes out
The other way
(Back into disgrace).

But I won’t wait on you
Hand and foot;
I’ll leave it to another gal
Who’s “just misunderstood.”
Understand me well, my liege:
Put a new heart in my lover’s box
To squeeze,
And marvel as it boldly beats.

Babe wants more than big titties —
Pussy’s more than enough to please.
And here’s a reminder:
I do as I please,
Not to please you
On scabbed knees,
Scarred from climbing trees.

To shimmy down his jeans,
I’ll show him what I mean
When I mean what I say —
All else is all for play.
And just so he knows,
I know about the other playmates
(The curtains don’t match the drapes).

Without a match,
The starter sparks,
Forward I march,
As I hold hands with both hearts;
Mon cher, mon ami,
My friend, my enemy.
I’ll serve up a meatless feast.
Since earthbound feet
Can’t stand the heat
Of rotating 180 degrees.

Indeed, I do
Love you eternally,
Though I hate this dream enough
To unstitch it at the seams;
Unravel every thread through screams.
No need to bleed —
My soul still beats.

No, we’ll never meet;
At least, not between
These paper sheets.


© Jane Bled 2016-2017
All Rights Reserved.

Cheezin’ © Jane Bled