January 16, 2018

Poetry: “Grooves”

Greed caught in the green propeller,
Forcing Russian Roulette
On a fetty-lovin’ fellow.
Swamp folks chitter-chatter
With the bad Mad Hatter;
Velleity extracted
From the last rung of his trick ladder.
Jenga tower tumbles faster
Than the quarterback gets plastered.

Football fumbled.
Speak gibberish gumbo.
Slurp it through a slotted spoon
By the red-light district moon.
Whatcha goin’ do, brah?
Boom, chicka-boom.

Got tackled too soon
When some brouhaha blew through
The shaman’s spiked stew;
Lizard-licks folded into
The grinning eye of newt,
And he mixed it all together
To a fizzy dizzy tune:
Soothsayer’s silky grooves.

Adhibit an ad-libbed kite string
To your ring-finger’s fame;
The same sing-song name
Harmonized in plain refrains.

He lets you know
When to shut up
And just start singing.
You lost your nascent wings;
Zemblanity’s still stinging.


© Jane Bled 2016-2017
All Rights Reserved.

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