February 6, 2018

Poetry: “Aftermath”

The morning after
You left
Worse than your departure

Before opening my eyes
I instinctively knew
The empty bedroom
Would shatter the lies
(They said you were still here)

Were you gone
I would become
A sobbing wraith
A throbbing mess
A living ache
So my eyes stayed shut
Under dawn’s cruel gaze
The light hurts
And it can’t heal
The truth

My heart’s ruination laid bare
Ugly as a raw, red wound
Love undone
Death might be kinder
But here am I
Left behind
No sight
Bereft of

Your hair spilling onto my pillow
Your morning kisses peppering my cheeks
Your gentle, “I love you.”

Sunbeams reveal
A shivering absence.
Entombed in blind melancholy,
I wish for the moon.


© Jane Bled 2016-2018
All Rights Reserved.

The Unwanted Love Letter © Jane Bled