Note: I colored Gift over the course of several months, pausing, resuming, stalling; ultimately searching for the motivation to finish it.


Gift © Sourcebooks | Colored by Jane Bled

This coloring is dedicated to artist Frank Solanki, in honor of my esteem for his off-the-wall, yet perfectly sensible poetry, that has spoken to me since I first discovered his work. Frank, thank you for keeping your light attuned to a phosphorescent glow that lingers. ❤

As strange as it may seem I think I saw a funny dream A daffodil woke me up at four And pointed to the window I was quite surprised to see A floral show just for me Roses swinging on a trapeze Dahlias flying with the breeze Lilies decorating the lawn Sunflowers giving a sighful […]

via A Floral Dream — Frank Solanki