February 9, 2018

Poetry: “ADD”

Ink forms thews of fists
That split splintered lips
Into punch-drunk grimaces
Of waylaid concentration
(Cold-cocked –
Down for the count)

Painted sneers evolve
Into frozen snarls
Cries of bloodstone;
Tarnished silver echoes
Of unredeemed miseries;
Nemesism taken shape
In a place
Where lightning strikes
More than twice

Anything to keep
The vice



Love Tap © Jane Bled

A good use for the annoying advertisements that comes unsolicited in the mail: wrapping precious fragile items, such as works of art to protect them from any sudden jounces on a road trip. Also: makeshift toilet paper (in the event that you run out, or find yourself in a pickle while camping in the woods). A bit rough on the skin, but desperation breeds innovation, no?