February 28, 2018

Poetry: “Janus”

Warning: strong language. Reader discretion advised.


How did it go for you?
(All the Bronies smokin’ ponies in the NYC)

I meant to ask earlier
(Hands all in, don’t play with me)

Something suddenly came up
(Too busy wankin’ it for stardom —
It’s kinda sick, what I do for this shit)

You understand me, right?
(Babe, I still got that love-bruise —
Blue, black, yellow, green — no sign of white)

The problem’s unsolvable
(Puzzle pieces clear the deck —
We in for a peck of trouble)

Let’s just agree to disagree!
(Bitch I ain’t even up in yo’ turtleneck,
Your Kool-Aid stank is whack)

You know I still love you, though
(Shove it up the a-s-s, you tried to front with a professional)

Just keep your distance
(Don’t worry, I’m onto you —
Can’t bother with baggage, and I got heaps)

And burn our memories
(I see you, through the ruse —
That’s why you’re still my muse)

Let’s just stay cool
(The fire’s undeniable, can’t stop the rain for the thunder)

Keep calm
(And groove on)


© Jane Bled 2016-2018
All Rights Reserved.

Brea, I am going to smoosh you with my pent-up love when at last we reunite. Smoooosh.


Hip Biddies © Breanne Beals | Filter Courtesy of Snapchat


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