– Heavyset woman wearing bright pink top sports a fresh sunburn and sits with open legs. I wonder if she’s airing out?
– Outwardly health-conscious girl secretly binge-eats Thin Mints while listening to Natalie Imbruglia. Relatable.
– Gramps and fave granddaughter finish a bottle of rose wine, huddling together like co-conspirators. Their casual glances fuel my ever-present paranoia.
– Ancient woman wearing purple Hawaiian-print blouse looks like she just stepped out of a tornado. I want to give her a comb, but then I realize she’s a badass because she doesn’t care about her appearance; so I shoot her the thumbs-up when she isn’t looking.
– Happiest person here: middle-aged woman dining alone, reading Nora Roberts and sipping a glass of sweet tea. More power to her.
– Fit waitress carries a pot of coffee like she’s lifting weights at the gym. I want to be the coffee pot.


Dedicated to the random people I decided to study for science while eating a sub-par meal at Macy’s. I hope you all have wonderful lives! Thank you for the inspiration. The truth of the matter: I don’t know jack squat about your day-to-day, your background, or your private mind (and thank God for that — got enough inner monologue to occupy myself for an eternity). Humans are all guilty of judgment, aren’t we? So please, don’t take it personally. ❤




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  1. I appreciate your characterization of random moments. Here’s hoping there will be more of them in your life worth sharing.

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  2. It’s lovely to read your insightful snippets. I am inspired to share some of my own!


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    • Thank you. I’m pleased to hear my snippets inspired you. I have been recording my “observations” for a couple of years now. It helps me create characters for my stories…though I’m not sure how insightful they are, haha. My imagination’s pretty wild.

      Please feel free to share the blog post link here if you end up sharing your own observations. I have no problem with linking, as long as I invite it.

      Have a lovely day. ❤


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