The bespoke cloak of your majesty’s

Extraterrestrial radiance

Bathes my hemmed lids in lush

Pools of splendor

That deep-end our kiss:

I dive down, within.


Bewitching minstrel,

Were my heart a soaked scabbard,

Swimming in your same-mind’s

Desirous soul, daggered murmurs

Would leak through drains and I would

Plunge my aching essence therein to covet the gaze

Of your incandescent glory.


As worship, I rise to breach the surface;

Pray in spirit–lift my hips high in adulation, undulating devotion,

Retaining flashforwards of outsourced images–

Iris, pupil, cornea, lens,

Retina, optic nerve engaged

In a copective orgy

Even as they cooperate

To witness the sentimental glow of moodlamp

Madame Moon cast when at last I had grown

Fully sane beneath her gentling;

Selenotropic; out-blissed.


Scopophilic I may claim to be, but I dare any

Of the commonly-afflicted to defy

The scour of unseldom piercing sting–

Ever sweeter than it seems.


For what is love,

But to long, and look above,

If not greater than a dream?


© Jane Bled 2018
All Rights Reserved.

Super Blue Moon: Magical Moment Awakening © Rio Shayne

For Rio Shayne. Thank you for the brilliant commission. You are a wonder of a human being! ❤


Artist Bio

Rio Shayne lives in Portland, Oregon, where she was born and raised. Rio creates works of art predominantly in the mediums of painting and drawing. During her time at the Arts & Communication Magnet Academy, she won an art contest for her paintings, which resulted in a scholarship. She has been in art shows at the Goodfoot Pub and Lounge, the People’s Art of Portland Gallery, The Ford Gallery, and various local businesses and First Thursday venues. Rio is known for her use of vibrant colors and rich textures. Her art is influenced by psychedelics, expressionism, impressionism, cubism, abstract, and contemporary.

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Stained Glass Dandelions © Rio Shayne





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