Trigger warning: strong language, violence, disturbing imagery, including childhood sexual abuse. Reader discretion is advised

Note: I previously uploaded an untrimmed version of the reading. This is the correct one. Whoops!

Dear Child Rapist

I fucking loathe your bloated guts

Wish I could unzip them inside out

Like a disemboweled trout

Noose-wrap the ileum

Around your blubbery neck

Garrote you with the feces-filled cecum

Conscience resting easy

Faith most devout

Watch your cheeks bulge out

Like you’re playing the bugle


Fact: I won’t miss you when you’re dead

Instead I’ll lead the standing-O clap

Demonizing the Boy Scout Leader

Bottom feeder

Greedy predator caught mid-dismount

Dipping into the fountain of youth

“It’s just what men and boys do”

“If you tell, no one will believe you”

Too true

If I could, I would

Tear your face apart with my bare hands

Shove it in your mouth while you’re choking

Up the chicken

Make you do a headstand

Obliterate that smug smirk

My lips would quirk

Up at the corners

So serene

Obscenely happy

To witness your humiliation

Make you suffer

Sublime degradation

After that


I’d break a wine bottle over your head

Shove the splintered shards into your eyeballs

Jam my fingers inside your sockets

Can you feel their pain

When I extract your squelched jelly membrane

Spread it on the sizzling pavement

Like wet snot

I had a booger wall when I was five

Bet you forgot


Kick you in the cock


Until your balls explode

Disintegrated chode


Like backyard fireworks on

July the 4th

Laugh my fucking head off

Unscrew your dick like it’s a twist-off


Hurl that serial offender

Into the direct path

Of an oncoming freight train

A fleet of semis

Or a motorcycle gang

(Tony the Tiger says

Tricks are for kids

But I’m all grown up

And I know where you live)

Just for kicks–

I’d detach your grubby fingers with a butter knife

Would take hours

But time would be on my side

You can run but you can’t hide

From a motivated bloodhound

Once she has her heart set

On sniffing you out


Take a hammer to pound

Your hairy back

Scalpel-fuck your ass crack

Nail the webbing between your toes to a plywood board

Pretend to be blindfolded while pinning the tail

On the fucking donkey

Why ask why

You POS honky

Carnivorous worm

Lascivious scourge

Usurped their voices

Before they could be heard

Used love against them

Claimed their innocence

Was just too tempting

Spread fear like your ejaculate

Made sure the wife didn’t know

Kept your underwear immaculate

False reassurance

“This is normal”

“Boys will be boys”

“Men will be men”

“Our little secret”

“Got away with it”

Yes, you did

Kill you again?

I’m up for it

Like the Little Red Engine

“I think I can, I think I can”

Keep murdering you until

I’ve released my homicidal urges

Binge on my sick-as-fuck id

And then purge it

Record the whole process

Watch you die ad infinitum

Trapped inside a loop of murder and vengeance

Penetrate you with my righteous justice

Smile as you bleed

Chop off your tongue

Crush your larynx

Denying your human right

To scream

With hate,

Their sister


“Dear Child Rapist”
© Jane Bled 2018
All Rights Reserved.


With your blood

Note: My murderous urges are limited to a fictional setting. I have no qualms about hypothetically murdering people (one in particular) who have committed egregious crimes and have yet to pay for their wrongdoings. Rest assured, I neither promote nor condone murder as a real-life option to rid the world of a foul offender.

Until forgiveness is achievable, I content myself with on-the-page violent comportments.

Congratulations on being such a fucking good liar
Congratulations on not getting caught for so many years

–Peaches; “Free Drink Ticket”


Live Performance:

Uncensored MV:

Peaches – Free Drink Ticket from Peaches on Vimeo.

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