Thank you, Frank Solanki, for reminding me with this impactful post about the existence of 6-word stories. I have since written a few of my own. 🙂

1. Hold my hand–he doesn’t matter.

2. I didn’t seek to gain riches.

3. She wants the present; can’t have.

4. Napoleon self-premiated premature victory. Lost it.

5. He craves what will destroy him.

6. Colonizing land–murdering trees–polluting air.

7. Biggest difference: foreskin and two inches.

8. My rage diminished, my pity grew.

9. I learned healing occurs after suffering.

10. Believing in love, I trusted you.


“10 Fingers”
© Jane Bled 2018
All Rights Reserved.

Special thanks to my dear friend Brea for the beautiful birthday card you gave me last month. I will treasure it in my card scrapbook. Much <3!


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