April 7, 2018

Poetry: “Humpty”

Warning: strong language. Trigger warning for narcissists. Reader discretion is advised.


Greedy Humpty Dumpty King
Trojan horse for sport
Malware installed
In every plausible port
I ain’t no cracked shell
To cushion your fall

In Majesty’s surly visage
I intuited Hell as
A lost beach horizon
A shepherd’s watchful eye
Ever ready to brawl
Via easterly squall

You spent melted sundaes
Whittling your words
Into acupuncture
Raised stakes he couldn’t feel
As a hardboiled egg
Until his skull you cracked
Against arthritic insteps
And ridicule became
The hobby-horse of shame

In ignorance
I almost fanned the bonfire
But its persona of heat
Was a deadbeat mirage
What good would I be to the minority
As scorched carrion
Another locker room story

What is King
But a wind-up toy
Who depletes every helping hand
Never-grown man
Human tantrum
Avaricious boy
Derivative at best
As trendy as they come
Pushing fairy dust up public bums

No matter if you tag along
The “queer as folk”
Brought cotton balls
To stuff their ears
Your sheep own shears

Bragging rights
To button-fuck
The self-destruct
Humpty Dumpty
Buy the lot

It won’t fix you.


© Jane Bled 2018
All Rights Reserved.

Le Petit Monstre © Jane Bled

They don’t make ’em like they used to.