Bet she runs hot
To the touch
Not so much
(Not a thought
Just a hunch)

As sleep disbands,
Fantasy chords
The embers of disintegrated dreams.

United in defenselessness,
Humiliated by humbleness,
They rest on matted haunches,
Waiting for the sky to fall.

Limitations learned
To cushion water-break blows
That morphed marked hands
Into spindle-shanks

Brand-name label-slave
She made you into her pet
I pity the fool

Drew heart-eyes on your picture;
Kept them poorly hidden.

Brick avalanche launched
Glass-ceiling expectations
Avoid injury

Disco ball scatters
Translucent rainbows
Collecting dust bunnies
Beneath early eaves
Of yesterday’s confetti.

Special connection:
Drawn together, forced apart —
Still find each other.

Overwatered acorns
Like spoiled fruit

Talk about yourself
Diagnose my unheard thoughts

They dangled bangles
Of capernoited quips,
And gave the good old gals
The slip.

Standing at the edge
Contemplating life and death
No hesitation

The buoyant bindings chafe
Pleasure laced through pain

Houses shelter
Blighted fences
Wind chimes sing

Secluded hilltop
Cozy cottage’s beckoning

Traded pink cotton candy
For saltwater taffy reveries.
Endured emotional battery
(Slattery so fine,
You’d think he’d paid
Half the fee).

Monotony drizzles down
The spit-dry windshield,
And I just finished telling him,
“I’m not crazy, baby!”
(That cockroach was bigger than my hand, I swear)

Sun plays in passion
Corralling the wanton flock
Sheep incognito

Crept into
The night-smattered
Toward a thousand-crane

They warned her,
If she dared to go
Against the grain,
Fate would find a fearless way
To spay her shame
Without a blade.