I ain’t no cracked shell
To cushion your fall.

I’m on the prowl again
As the lights grow dim
Seems like five years
Since I’ve given in to sin

Should we skip straight to the nonvirginal verse
The alternate version
Hardcore perversion

The sounds of my pleasure
Disguise my deceit
‘Cause I’m feeling nothin’
When you’re kissing me

Nuh-uh, baby,
I don’t wanna see that
You creepin’ up behind me
Like a slinky-dinky

Run races with scissors.
Take risks —
Not prisoners.

Their pearls drop

Otherwise known as…

Chocolate in bed
Sensual indulgences
Melting on my tongue

You will not lose me
By pen-stroke
I will not leave you
As written

Embittered earthlings
Etch eclectic eagle eyes —
Stars, stripes; sonic booms.

Antidote: laughter
Enchantment unraveling
Detoxified mind

Mendacious sage duels
Dual elastic spastic

Press your cordwood palms
To pray at the brim
Out of your mind

Visible distress
Her pain applied to humor
Have yourself a laugh

Use more elbow grease,
Old squeeze,
To box in the festering fleas.

Brand-name label-slave
She made you into her pet
I pity the fool

The buoyant bindings chafe
Pleasure laced through pain

I’m sitting here with Johnny Appleseed and our linked devices, wondering what in the actual phuck has been going on here for the past few years. And that’s the whole point.

Maybe we should
Take a cab back
To that one park
Where we “parked”
After dark

Drunken symphonies weep
Stripped slits
Stricken sleep
Venom milked
Stroked suckled
From cuts too deep