Did you wager
She could take it
All in
Without short-circuiting?
Did you presume
Fairy rings
In crop circles?
Did you think
Little green men
Would shine spotlights
Before casting a net?
Guess again.

Come inside.

Where sinews graze the light,
Branches entangle
Between branded limbs.
Passionate impulse
Quickens the pulse.

Dream deep, little firefly.
Distant stars climbed to collapse;
Our memories burned for naught.

A new day arises,
Laundered with the laudanum
Of lavender lethargy.
Selective memory
Simplifies sundry pleasures.

Whimsy merges with melancholy to evoke the spectrum of conflicting emotions, as explored through Bee Queen’s artworks: dark-themed tableaux reflecting glimmers of love-light through a painted lens of hope.

you own them
as slaves own
not even their
given names
because master
gave you
one of his own

Welcome. 🙂 Today I’m sharing another poetry/painting fusion — this time, my collaborator is abstract artist Mo Tuncay. I’ve admired Mo’s art since the moment I first stumbled across his work on Twitter. We struck up a fast friendship and he allowed me to interview him in November of 2014. I have the honor of […]

Summer’s ream
of sundry dreams

Often the arts can go unrecognized as a valid life path for a young person, but you just have to look to who the people are that are revitalizing our Indigenous communities and you will see artists at the forefront. Artist and mentor Francine Cunningham reflects on her experience providing encouragement in overcoming obstacles that […]

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

Precious keepsake: tears Sparkling visions collected Hope glimmers, unshed “Tears” ©Jane Bled 06/04/2017 *** Haiku-na matata. ❤ Jane

Rio Shayne

Multi-movement contemporary artist

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Although in the past, she nearly abandoned her passion for art, Rio Shayne attributes her revival of visual creativity to a combination of occasional psychedelic use, subsequent soul-healing, and renewed faith in herself as both an artist and a human being.

“Love is the meaning of life, and my goal is to express that through my art.” – Rio Shayne

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Guest: Mo Tuncay

“What you cannot tell with words, you can tell with your mind.” Mo Tuncay

Abstract shapes and vivid colors bring the canvas to life every time visionary abstract painter Mo Tuncay wields his brush to breathe life into the intangible.


Untitled by Mo Tuncay

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