Artist Gianluca Pisano is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these images. From his series ’Bodies’. To see Gianluca’s body of work click on any photograph. See also: Still Life By Gianluca Pisano via The Human Figure | DARK — Edge of Humanity Magazine

We are equally wrecked, and I do not need a drop of drink to loosen my tongue and un-prise my grasp and concede my bestial organ to your demand.

I dare any
Of the commonly-afflicted to defy
The scour of unseldom piercing sting–
Ever sweeter than it seems.

Car-chased by
A chariot on fire
Yanked wingless
From the sky

(Amrita Sher-Gil (Indian painter) 1913 – 1941 Tribal Women, 1938) ‘Othering’ is the process of viewing or treating a person or group of people as intrinsically different from and alien to yourself. It may be ascribed to the historical treatment of Western women artists (as discussed in the previous blog post) by the male-run art […] […]

Maman, the vast steel and marble sculpture in the form of a giant arachnid was created by the French artist Louise Bourgeois in 1999. The sculpture, at thirty feet high and more than 30 feet wide, is one of the largest sculptures in the world. It was first unveiled as a commission of the artist […] […]

Protection of Mollusca,
Mislabeled “laggards”

Rivers wound through spools
Wet washed cheeks, heavy breathing
Water turns to wine

I would desire
More than a
Morning song
To part us

Blooming curiosity
Questions unanswered

High-tech sunglasses
Purchase these accessories
To fool the masses

I tell her to speak;
She commands me to listen.
You: “Shut your piehole!”

Frank, thank you for keeping your light attuned to a phosphorescent glow that lingers.

Paint-faced brick embraced
Sensation saturation
Obsession beheld

Demure duchess damns
Criminal interference
She cast the first stone

Sunbeams reveal
A shivering absence.

Two flavors of fried taters
Salt and vinegar

Green ephemera
Lilac tree, mauve blush of Spring
Forsythia dreams

Please give up on me
Worthy subjects need your eyes
To inspire hope

Run races with scissors.
Take risks —
Not prisoners.