She kicks up dust
Diamond horseshoes
With common muck
And still fancies herself
Wiser out of the stable

The Dead Lands Final

It’s a good thing I took my time with The Dead Lands, although I can easily picture devouring it in an all-night reading frenzy. Once sated, I would lick my greedy chops; gazing at the remains of the feast laid before my dark imagination like a bloody sacrifice…

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“Looking in those dead grey eyes, Thurstan knew the man was Death made flesh.”



Plot Summary

In fantasy short story An Insurrection (A Sword and Shield Short Book 1), assassin-for-hire Desh leads a rebellion against Thurstan the Mighty so that the king might answer for his crimes. Though righteousness has forced Desh to experience a potential change of heart, his past is not far behind him; waiting to ensnare him in its powerful clutches.

A. S. Washington’s An Insurrection is not the kind of tale you want to start when you don’t have time to finish it. I only had a few minutes to kill the first time I picked it up, and I ended up late to my appointment because I literally couldn’t stop reading it. Was Desh going to kill the king? Would Thurstan actually fight his own battle? Would Morn Shademaker ever stop being so f**king badass?

Thanks for making me tardy for my doctor’s visit, Washington. Your pretty words were like tempting baubles for my greedy inner reader – I simply could not resist this short story’s gritty allure.

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