Did you wager
She could take it
All in
Without short-circuiting?
Did you presume
Fairy rings
In crop circles?
Did you think
Little green men
Would shine spotlights
Before casting a net?
Guess again.

If this isn’t love
Your colorist’s inferno
Seeking cool waters

Whimsy merges with melancholy to evoke the spectrum of conflicting emotions, as explored through Bee Queen’s artworks: dark-themed tableaux reflecting glimmers of love-light through a painted lens of hope.

you own them
as slaves own
not even their
given names
because master
gave you
one of his own

Each time I drive by Apartment 8, I chance a glance at the 2nd-story window, hoping against hope that your sunshine will greet me.

Grief, deeply felt.

I’d write more, but I’m broke.

He loved her not.

All of you watched.