A neat feat of customer service

He slingshots the killing rock
Misses his target

He’s singing
About the shortcuts
To my veins

Raise basket lid
Charm twitching snake

Chronic crapehanger
Cathected with depression
Counteract with love

A plaintive cry
From extraordinary eyes
An amorous heart

Virgin wonderscape
Snowshoes to track waffled scars
Purely transient

Eddies at the verge
Hurricane of discarded
Skirt around my knees

I won’t miss you when you’re dead.

She holds the part of me
That nobody else can see
Her fist is jailed around my heart
And I’m the prisoner of its need

Scratch your itch
Scratch mine

Devil’s advocate:
“Daylight become sinister…
Or evening’s debut?”

Outwardly health-conscious girl secretly binge-eats Thin Mints while listening to Natalie Imbruglia. Relatable.

I’m on the prowl again
As the lights grow dim
Seems like five years
Since I’ve given in to sin

Car-chased by
A chariot on fire
Yanked wingless
From the sky

Victimized pages
Took deliberate action
I regret nothing

The Swiffer whore whorls
Hoarded in Northwestern corners
Churlishly childbearing
A browbeaten nudity
Subtly suggesting
A sulk

Longing suspending
Warbled Tenebrae in tongues
Fasten mine to yours


Root your pain into me

Protection of Mollusca,
Mislabeled “laggards”