I’m sitting here with Johnny Appleseed and our linked devices, wondering what in the actual phuck has been going on here for the past few years. And that’s the whole point.

Stay distant,
Denizens of Mars;
Men of the cloth
Might cache the scars.

Call me out.

For all the times
I refused to believe you,
Punish me
With bruising kisses.

Whimsy merges with melancholy to evoke the spectrum of conflicting emotions, as explored through Bee Queen’s artworks: dark-themed tableaux reflecting glimmers of love-light through a painted lens of hope.

Season 2, Episode 6

Autumn Breeze

Author of LGBT Romance and Erotica

When I met Autumn Breeze on Twitter, little did I know of her Wattpad fame. With millions of reader views – particularly of her lesbian romance, Loving Anna – under her belt, this young stay-at-home mom makes it a priority to pursue her passion for creating characters who reflect the new generation of LGBT Romance.

“I’ve always been a creative woman. Now, I’m just not hiding that fact in the proverbial closet.” – Autumn Breeze

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Rio Shayne

Multi-movement contemporary artist

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Although in the past, she nearly abandoned her passion for art, Rio Shayne attributes her revival of visual creativity to a combination of occasional psychedelic use, subsequent soul-healing, and renewed faith in herself as both an artist and a human being.

“Love is the meaning of life, and my goal is to express that through my art.” – Rio Shayne

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First of all, I want to thank everyone who left a comment. Feedback is hard to come by, so I very much appreciate your thoughts on my interview with Lilo Abernathy.

Next, I’d like to tell you how the winner was chosen. I used Random Name Picker, a free web tool. After I manually entered the participants, the application picked the winning name.

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Jane Bled’s Author Spotlight

Season 2, Episode 5

Lilo Abernathy

Author of speculative fantasy and paranormal romance


The breakout success of Lilo Abernathy’s The Light Who Shines actualizes a dream that most indie authors dream of, but few attain. Within her colorful cast of fun characters, romantic intrigue, and dynamic plot threads, Abernathy interweaves a vital social commentary about injustice and prejudice against minorities.

New to Lilo Abernathy’s work? At the end of the interview, I explain how to win a free ebook of The Light Who Shines. One lucky winner will be chosen on Wed 1/21.

“A simple kind or hurtful word can have a rippling effect for generations.” – Lilo Abernathy

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Season 2, Episode 4

 Kymberlyn Reed

Author of LGBTQ, BDSM, & Vampire Erotica

About as non-traditional as they come, Kymberlyn “Kym” Reed needs reminding that she’s an author – especially since she’s mainly known for working behind-the-scenes as an editor; and for devouring diverse books into the wee hours of the morn like a vampire feasting on mortal blood.

 bestlesbianerotica  eroticavampirica  twt_vol1

“The challenge I always have is not to just showcase racial diversity, but also highlight the intra-diversity in various groups.” – K. Reed

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Guest: Mo Tuncay

“What you cannot tell with words, you can tell with your mind.” Mo Tuncay

Abstract shapes and vivid colors bring the canvas to life every time visionary abstract painter Mo Tuncay wields his brush to breathe life into the intangible.


Untitled by Mo Tuncay

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