She holds the part of me
That nobody else can see
Her fist is jailed around my heart
And I’m the prisoner of its need

Your lips can’t lie when they form my name

I’m on the prowl again
As the lights grow dim
Seems like five years
Since I’ve given in to sin

At first I feel
Like I’m flying
To the moon
At last
I realize that I’m lying
In a tomb

Frank, thank you for keeping your light attuned to a phosphorescent glow that lingers.

The sounds of my pleasure
Disguise my deceit
‘Cause I’m feeling nothin’
When you’re kissing me

Dirty windows
Lust unchecked
Feel the morning
Heated breath

Something stolen
Stays inside me
My smile is sticky
It never tells all

Shadows portend changeling’s fate

I held you too tight
Too long
Dreaming of you
I lost myself

All the chaos encircles my neck
Like shackles they drag me
Down to his level
And hold me drowning underwater

I wanted to believe in you
From the moment I laid eyes on you
Though my heart tried to stop me
It failed to keep its chains around me