All the chaos encircles my neck
Like shackles they drag me
Down to his level
And hold me drowning underwater

I wanted to believe in you
From the moment I laid eyes on you
Though my heart tried to stop me
It failed to keep its chains around me

The color she picks is metallic purple. It reminds me of a skirt I used to wear to the club-of-the-week before I became legal. As she takes in every colorful detail of her favorite superhero cartoon, I paint her tiny fingernails more carefully than I’ve ever painted my own. I don’t tell her that one […]

Each time I drive by Apartment 8, I chance a glance at the 2nd-story window, hoping against hope that your sunshine will greet me.

Dear Snake-in-Disguise, Mr. “I Got The Fire,” Sir Knows-a-Lot, Professor Pick-Up Artist, aka The Guy Who Raped My Mouth Last Night, I knew what you were from the start but I ignored my gut. “Excuse me, haven’t we met before?” You were so handsome, but I could see you wanted to use me, and that […]

Welcome to Throwback Thursday, poetry-style. I wrote the following piece during high school, whilst twitterpated — in the throes of mad hormonal puppy love with Cameron, my first beau (and ultimately, first heartbreak). Cameron, wherever you are…thank you for the years we spent together. Of all our first-time moments, I especially recall your, “Potato!” schtick. […]

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening. Insomnia’s treating me like a redheaded stepchild. Scratch that — I’m nobody’s stepchild. Not anymore. My hair, however…that color is dyed-in-the-wool. During NaNoWriMo2016, I wrote a YA-dystopian-scifi-fantasy-LGBT-romance-suspense-seriocomedy hybrid called Nobody Knows. By hand. At some point, I’ll come up with a clever sub-genre to assign my baby, but […]

“Freedom of Speech” © Wuka


This post may put you off. I’m not censoring myself, nor sugar-coating the subject. It’s quite possible I’ll offend you, so if you consider yourself conservative, rigid-minded, and in opposition to freedom of speech, you’ll do well to abandon this essay for something more your speed.

You should know that I’m not the type of person who desires to follow to society’s expectations. It may work for some, but I’m a free spirit. A depressing Japanese proverb my late mother-in-law taught me remains ingrained in my brain: “The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.”

It’s a reflection of the societal pressure of Japanese people to conform; and expresses the complete opposite of my beliefs. The farther the nail sticks out, the happier I become. Continue reading

With much enthusiasm, I welcome Jess Alter, who has the honor of being my first guest blogger. Thank you for sharing your insights about wordsmithing with us, Jess. You’re a lovely, insightful person, and I’m anticipating reading your novels in 2015. 🙂

Resolved: 15 Good Writing Habits to Pick Up in 2015

by Jess Alter

I’m not a New Year’s resolutions kind of person. I used to be one: I always resolved to lose weight or complete tasks or learn new skills. I rarely held firm to my resolutions, so I gave up making resolutions. This year, however, I decided to make New Year’s resolutions. All are changes or continuing commitments I can make to grow my writing career.

This year, I published Solaray Dawn, the third installment of the Dome Trilogy. I started preparing a new series I started working on in 2009, the Cryptid Series, for publication in 2015. I began to engage with readers, authors, and publishing industry people on social media, and I realized that business as usual impedes my writing career.

When I reviewed 2014, I saw strengths and successes; I saw weaknesses and failures. Most important, I saw opportunities to improve and evolve as an author throughout 2015.

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Note: I wrote “The 12 Worst Gifts I’ve Ever Received” as a guest post for awesome LGBT writer Autumn Breeze‘s blog. Autumn is the author of lesbian romance Loving Anna, an Amazon best-selling Kindle book that’s currently the #1 most-read story sample on Wattpad. Helpful, friendly, and fun, Autumn is an author to keep your eye on – and a cool person, too. Stay tuned for my exclusive blog post highlighting Loving Anna on Monday 12/22.


The 12 Worst Gifts I’ve Ever Received

Don’t get me wrong. When it comes to gift-giving, the gesture is what counts the most. Really. I’m not one of those brand-name-loving chicks who eye-f**ks every pair of Jimmy Choo’s from the other side of the department store window. However, a word to the wise: when it comes time to check me off your holiday gift recipient list, it’s best to save your money. Shower me with meaningful words of love and devotion; or better yet, support my efforts at indie author-hood by buying one of my books, rather than wasting your hard-earned dollars on something I passionately loathe receiving.

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Shout-out: Author Lilo Abernathy. Her bestselling speculative fantasy book The Light Who Shines is available for $1.99 (11/20 only), courtesy of Kindle’s Daily Deal. If you’re looking for a new author, Lilo could very well be the ticket.  Her book has over 150 amazing reviews on Amazon & is currently a bestseller in three different […]