Sense of pride
Momentary joy
Fleeting high

Tie me down tighter
Silk-spun webs fog up the glass
Hours not wasted

Nuh-uh, baby,
I don’t wanna see that
You creepin’ up behind me
Like a slinky-dinky

Your chilled mosaic
Cool tincture, a moistened cheek

Please give up on me
Worthy subjects need your eyes
To inspire hope

Run races with scissors.
Take risks —
Not prisoners.

Their pearls drop

Chaste hypocrisy
Bridal veils tell false-lash tales
Blood beneath your nails

Otherwise known as…

Make frequent stops
At floor levels

Chocolate in bed
Sensual indulgences
Melting on my tongue

Cushion for pushin’
Can’t keep big mitts to yourself
Take me by handfuls

Smoke-tarred charred feathers
Fingers stained with nicotine
Cigarillo’s ash

Businessman mistakes
Personal monopolies
For oligarchies

Slightly pause

Before sinking it in
Slipping the tip into
To skin

He lets you know
When to shut up
And just start singing.
You lost your nascent wings;
Zemblanity’s still stinging.

Vagaries that bind
Don’t you know the formula?
Give it time — you’ll learn.

I won’t wait on you
Hand and foot;
I’ll leave that to another gal
Who’s “just misunderstood.”

Dignity robber
Crossed her off his bucket list
Panoramic view

Did you forget to calculate
The methodical pleasure
Of counting on hate?

Count me out
Of your Procrustean
“Democracy” —
From cradle to grave,
I am