Warning: the following piece contains violence and strong language. Reader discretion is advised. Roderick, You are a terrible listener. I already told you — there exists zero chance of your regaining my favor. To state the obvious: I’ve never trusted you, and now I never will. Weep if you must, but I’m already onto your […]

“As girls, we always want to look presentable, clean, and pretty.” – Author Unknown BARF. Gag me with a spoon and shove it up your tookus (said lovingly). Does anyone know who wrote this crap? I saw it on Pinterest some months back and rolled my eyes at all the ‘likes’ and repins. Really, people? […]

“Men and women are physiologically a lot more similar than people realize. Vive la différence, of course, but in terms of the neurological capacity for experiencing the orgasmic impulses, we’re wired in quite a similar manner.” ~ Carrie Weisman Worry not — this article isn’t click-bait. I’m just doing my part to further sex education. […]

Here is the english version of my now famous “Fallait demander” ! Thanks Una from unadtranslation.com for the translation 🙂 via You should’ve asked — Emma

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Fallen House by schneeengel via DeviantArt.com Peeking in the windows Of broken houses You make your judgments Assumptions Based on perception Instead of knowledge Marking the walls with the Graffiti Of your supposition No compassion for the souls Who reside within You think you know That your circumstance Gives you the right To…

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You wouldn’t have paid any attention to them. A mouse and her quiet keeper. She was short and plain. Long denim skirts with pale, button-down blouses. Her sandy hair, braided, then rolled into a bun, and tan ballet flats peaking from beneath the frayed hems of her skirts. If you stepped…

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(This is a personal transcript. I take responsibility for all typos. The symbol “[–]” simply indicates African names and references unfamiliar to me.) So I would like to start by telling you about one of my greatest friends, [–]. [–] lived on my street and looked after me like a big brother.…

Trigger warning: bipolar, theme of suicide “Hypothesis: I will not go crazy because I am not truly insane. Just a spectacular fuck up,” is the bitterly hopeful premise of Naadeyah Haseeb’s Manic De… Source: Bethany Mary on “Manic Depressive Dream Girl” by Naadeyah Haseeb

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https://youtu.be/zezhdw_dNlU ? There is a ubiquitous trend in intellectual spaces of adopting an ideological lens through which to view media, people or events. A brief Google search for “feminist lens” will turn up dozens of academic papers and analyses from a “critical feminist perspective“. A search for “Marxist lens” will…

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Today’s second team review is from Bev, she blogs at http://baspicer.blogspot.fr/ Bev has been reading October Rain by Dylan J Morgan Review October Rain ? The action takes place on Mars, but all is not well with the planet, and only a small percentage of the original Earth survivors remain,…

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Lying there, spread out like a butterfly, I watched her, watching you. Staring at her soft, pale curves, my mind swam from her femininity. I was rigid with arousal and this voyeuristic need that I never understood. Her lips moved as she spoke to you, but her words did not…

The Swale rushes from a broken ale cask I imagine, way out beyond the lead mines and a million rope swings.   Dangles into the country like a rosary from the knuckles of the town.   It’s … Source: Evening melts

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Suisun Valley Review is happy to announce we are open for submissions. We accept short fiction, poetry and visual art. Please read our submission guidelines page for more information. We will be open for submissions until March 28, 2016. We look forward to reading and viewing your work.

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Wrists given willingly Wilfully My last act Of independence But how those ropes Could set me free Your bonds Taking everything away And replacing it With you You could shred me But instead You would polish me Make me into A new woman I have longed for my Limits…

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Silence is found in the heart of words. Well, this is one of my most favourite and fascinating topic of writings — words and silence.. Words and silence have always been in the limelight of the heart of writers. Words are the real weapons of writers. Weapons of words have more…

“Her breath came in quick, ragged gasps as panic nibbled away at her thoughts.”


Plot Summary

On her way home from her volunteer shift at the local soup kitchen, Cerena can’t shake the feeling that someone with sinister intentions is stalking her. Are the footfalls she hears behind her a mere figment of her imagination? Unfortunately, what lovely Cerena doesn’t know is that not all of her enemies are strangers…

The Assassin’s Remorse, the debut short story from fantasy author JMD Reid (who moonlights as erotica author Reed James) is an absorbing, quick read. Both accessible for fantasy fans and those new to the genre, this tale of murder, greed, and redemption offers a tasty morsel of the author’s talent.

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“Curled against the side of the train, the young girl looked at him with eyes sunken by death.”


Dylan J. Morgan‘s a damn good writer. Of the indie authors I’ve discovered this year, he ranks in the top 3, and he’s definitely my new favorite horror novelist. I had the privilege of interviewing him for my Author Spotlight about his recent release, post-apocalyptic hybrid scifi-slash-horror novel The Dead Lands. After reading a sample of his work, I was sold on the quality of his writing.

Dominio della Morte (translation: “Death’s Domain”) is a pitch-dark collection of horror shorts that did not disappoint. I cannot repeat myself enough – this author is seriously talented. His voice is unique and identifiable in the huge mass of indie authors who overpopulate the internet. I have high hopes for his career longevity, as he effectively mixes old school scares with modern situations, and provides unique twists on classic tales. His creations are innovative and entertaining; the imagery he employs is really top-notch. His writing style is descriptive without being over-the-top (though his characters do vomit an awful lot). I especially enjoyed his believable characters and the familiar, yet creative, situations he placed them in (the werewolves stalking your remote family cabin, the husband who wouldn’t stay dead, the father forced to kill his zombie-fied family).

So wind ’em up and watch ’em go…and don’t be surprised if you come away from the experience delightfully scarred in the process.

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By Mark Nixon @Mr__Scratch Among the rolling hills of Northumberland rests the small coastal town of Anworth. A quaint but none the less unremarkable village, it avoids the larger crowds of tourists by offering little distraction beyond its aging medieval castle. Yet, there is just enough trade to…

A perfect-10 flash #horror fic by one of my favorite new horror authors, Dylan J. Morgan. If you haven’t read his work, you’re sorely missing out.