I would decline.

A neat feat of customer service

He slingshots the killing rock
Misses his target

Reinventing art
Material recycled
Through plagiarism

Pull the curtains
They might see
I want her
To watch me

Full-fat cream, my thighs
His tongue, a red hibiscus
Trickling nectar

He’s singing
About the shortcuts
To my veins

Mellorine pastures
Snowmaking to pacify
Observer’s sweet tooth

Natural instinct
Witness the small miracle
Nurturing her young

Ripening belly
Fertile goddess undulates
Body grazes soul

Raise basket lid
Charm twitching snake

Auditory gasp
As our lips meet
For the last time

Memories sweeten
Invigoration of loss
Don’t take me with you

He swears he loves me. I have an easy time believing him, because he keeps repeating it.

I have become a victim of my ingrained insecurities.

He surprises me with a midday quickie.

Quiescent wildwood
Fastened to earth by forces

They make it their job
Spiteful nose-less hypocrites
Snorting up a fuss

You pass me a note folded into a cat’s cradle and stroke my chipped Milky Way nail polish as I accept it.

Pretty much the best short story I’ve read on WordPress. They call me the Woodwose. But they know that I am the forest; I am the canopies and the wind and the soil underneath. I have been, ever since I inhabited its heart long ago, and settled again in another still, in the heart of […]

Chronic crapehanger
Cathected with depression
Counteract with love