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  • Crimson (MASTER, #1) – the award-winning first installment in queer vampire series MASTER, introduces sexy rock star-cum-vampire Raiden; and his petulant, but alluring new companion, world-famous actor Gabriel Colin. When the forces of fate bring them together, their casual acquaintance takes a sinister – and bloody – turn.
  • Luna (MASTER, #2)
  • Chasing the Grey
  • “Poison” – an erotic M/M short story about power-plays, twisted desire, and total submission. Anti-romance. Originally published in 2009. The extended edition released in 2014. Note: story sample. Full version available for purchase on Amazon (Kindle Unlimited members read free).
  • “Poison II: Spring” – the kink-heavy sequel to “Poison” that takes the twisted S&M games between narrator Luc and his favorite boy-toy to unfamiliar, unexpected places. Note: story sample. Full version available for purchase on Amazon (Kindle Unlimited members read free).
  • Bare Possibilities – follows the ludicrous hijinks of alternative boy-band Roadkill Jungle Cats as they embark upon their first road tour. If you like the lighter side of erotica, try this serial humorous M/M tale featuring crack-tastic banter, a disastrous love triangle, and gay-for-you feels.
  • In the Flesh: Extended Edition premiered 12/19. A horror-tragedy Hannibal fanfic with heavy Hannigram undertones (but no explicit sex), In the Flesh follows Will Graham on his dark journey into the mercurial mind – and fragile heart – of Hannibal Lecter’s unique madness.
  • “Euphoria”dark, smutty push-pull Hannigram fanfic. Explicit. So wrong, it’s right. First published on Archive Of Our Own under the pseudonym kpiggles.
  • A Distant Love: Poetry Inspired by #FieryVerse 2014 – gothic, romantic poems in 140 characters or less (inspired by #FieryVerse Twitter prompts).
  • The Outlands – poetry chronicling my unique brand of madness, obsession, and pain. Based on real and imaginary encounters with my muses.
  • “The Second Best Thing”

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