Cover Artists

Dreamstime is great resource for indie authors looking to find quality cover images at competitive prices. The amount of talent on this site blows my mind and constantly inspires me. All the book covers below were supplied with stock bought from Dreamstime, and modified by me.


© Maksym Filipchuk |

Book Cover Artist Credits

The Outlands

The Outlands

© Zuboff |


© Allyson Kitts |

A Distant Love

© Martine Oger |

Bare Possibilities

© Olga Rodygina |

In the Flesh

© Deviney |


© Andrei Vishnyakov |

Poison II: Spring

© Stefaniemohrphotography |

Crimson (MASTER, Book 1)

© Skypixel |

Luna (MASTER, Book 2)

© Anna Velichkovsky |

Naomi (MASTER, Book 3)

© Igorigorevich |

VisualProse Site Header

© Jason Yoder |

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