I’m sitting here with Johnny Appleseed and our linked devices, wondering what in the actual phuck has been going on here for the past few years. And that’s the whole point.

Smoker-cough hack,
But she’s got a nice rack;
Her ass:
A perfect place
To hang your hat.

Mother, nature, yet
Not long for this world, the next
Fleeting impression

Keep a healthy reservation
About renewing
A reshaped acquaintance
Based on
Facial recognition

I couldn’t bear to imagine
The depth of your hurt
If it echoed the minor keys
Of my douleur exquise

Marked for extinction
You’ve never looked so lovely
Golden-ripe demise

Maybe we should
Take a cab back
To that one park
Where we “parked”
After dark

Shadows portend changeling’s fate

Drunken symphonies weep
Stripped slits
Stricken sleep
Venom milked
Stroked suckled
From cuts too deep

Paper cuts
Aerated origami hearts
Folded into flesh

Portrait of heartbreak
Aches born from severed choices
You think you know her?

She could have heard,
Had he listened
To preventative
Or better yet–
A stronger hint.

Bees steal honey
For their queen —
Suckling treats
From the teat —
Nectar of gods and men.

Transcendent. Here it is, probably our last video for ‘We Need Monsters’, for a song called ‘Love’. It´s about an indian seamstress who is daydreaming during her work as a kind of cognitive survival strategy. It took us one year of production to film the different seasons. What I intended to express with this song […]

Comprehension heals
Through wordless tenderness, blooms
Delicate embrace

Stay distant,
Denizens of Mars;
Men of the cloth
Might cache the scars.

In my life apart from living
I climbed branch to beam
Balancing between
Valances, vaulting
Off valiant verity

The money shot comes
At a price beyond the cost.

Sail your skies like seas
Probing touch, releasing gloom
Challenge I accept

I held you too tight
Too long
Dreaming of you
I lost myself

Burnished bouquet blends
Heart-song held in my bosom
Ballad to adore