Victimized pages
Took deliberate action
I regret nothing

Decade-old partners

Should we skip straight to the nonvirginal verse
The alternate version
Hardcore perversion

The Swiffer whore whorls
Hoarded in Northwestern corners
Churlishly childbearing
A browbeaten nudity
Subtly suggesting
A sulk

Active beer goggles
Drunk on hate, def can’t see straight
Dudes—call an Uber

Romance loved the plot
Boy meets girl — red herring role
Just to get her goat

Longing suspending
Warbled Tenebrae in tongues
Fasten mine to yours

How she undoes you


At first I feel
Like I’m flying
To the moon
At last
I realize that I’m lying
In a tomb

Root your pain into me

Maman, the vast steel and marble sculpture in the form of a giant arachnid was created by the French artist Louise Bourgeois in 1999. The sculpture, at thirty feet high and more than 30 feet wide, is one of the largest sculptures in the world. It was first unveiled as a commission of the artist […] […]

Protection of Mollusca,
Mislabeled “laggards”

Weeding out potential duds
More bang for your buck

Flakes capitulate
Refuse flies from shaven scabs
Eraser marks mate

Rivers wound through spools
Wet washed cheeks, heavy breathing
Water turns to wine

Show me ferocious
Desecration of Venus
Amorous fury

Lend your abrazo
Dark chocolate luxury
Lids flutter; saveur

I would desire
More than a
Morning song
To part us

False interpreter
Mimics the ocean’s ballad
Via store-bought conch

Ink forms thews of fists
That split splintered lips
Into punch-drunk grimaces