Candid Book Reviews

The Dead Lands by Dylan J. Morgan

Domino della Morte by Dylan J. Morgan

An Insurrection: A Sword and Shield Short Book 1 by A.S. Washington

The Assassin’s Remorse by J.M.D. Reid


Lyrics: Dominatrix

Lyrics: Score

Lyrics: “Moodswing”

Lyrics: “Geisha Undercover”

Lyrics: “Dirty Windows”

Lyrics: “Vampiress”

Art + Lyrics: “First Love” (collab with artist Rio Shayne)

Lyrics: “Bruises”

Lyrics: “You”

Lyrics: “Castle in the Clouds”


Random Observations While Dining Alone

Letter + Snap: “Flawed”

Pest (Nonfictional account of an accosting)

Letter: “Fifteen” (Fictional letter from an eyewitness to a murderer)

Letter: “Hi, Remember Me?” (Nonfictional letter to an unwanted suitor)

Don’t Pound the Nail: Embracing Nonconformity (Opinion/Rant)

The 12 Worst Gifts I’ve Ever Received (Satire)

Blog Tour: Seven Lovely Things (Nonfiction/Blog Tour)

Mini-Rant: Pretty (Opinion/Rant)

Article Share: Multiple Orgasms for Men?

Miscellaneous (Reblogs)

Othering — #womensart

Art: Louise Borgeois, Maman the Mother

Video Release: ‘Love’ — EWIAN (Indie music video)

Resolved: 15 Good Writing Habits to Pick Up in 2015 (Guest Post by Jess Alter)

You should’ve asked — Emma (Illustrated opinion article)

The Life — via Joseph A. Pinto (Horror flash fiction)

Art: ‘Rock’ — kikontheroad (Art share)

Art: Cappuccetto Rosso — kikontheroad (Art share)

To-Read: TO ALL THE PENISES I’VE EVER KNOWN — Lori Schafer’s Short Subjects I Feel Like Writing About (TBR – Humorous erotica)

Why I married my sister — Making Things Work (Article on self-publishing)

Writing 101: Mae Day 6 — SHINE ON (Prose about a child’s sagacity)

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