High-tech sunglasses
Purchase these accessories
To fool the masses

I tell her to speak;
She commands me to listen.
You: “Shut your piehole!”

Two flavors of fried taters
Salt and vinegar

Please give up on me
Worthy subjects need your eyes
To inspire hope

Run races with scissors.
Take risks —
Not prisoners.

Did you forget to calculate
The methodical pleasure
Of counting on hate?

Fusillade of zest
Lotus-eater’s delusions
Hideous (in jest)

I came close enough
To lick Mic’s head,
But shied away from
The dreaded feedback…

Newsmakers, relax
I dig the jive of your strut

Divine proportions
Ratio: bust – waist – hips – thighs
Dream girl in the flesh

Tic-tac-toe strikethrough
Ogling potential housewives
Hide the ball-and-chain

Mind’s antechamber
Knock three times, steal the password
Uninvited guest

Sunflower shoos away sting
Mad wasp on my wing

Eyes-first, dove down deep
Frowned upon for dragging on
Someone needs a hug

Privacy denied
Murder by a child’s hand
Farewell, sanity

Use more elbow grease,
Old squeeze,
To box in the festering fleas.

They come a dime a dozen
Don Juan doesn’t mind

They dangled bangles
Of capernoited quips,
And gave the good old gals
The slip.