A neat feat of customer service

Pull the curtains
They might see
I want her
To watch me

I ain’t no cracked shell
To cushion your fall.

All that remained of Kitty
Were her teeth marks
On his putrid flesh

I dare any
Of the commonly-afflicted to defy
The scour of unseldom piercing sting–
Ever sweeter than it seems.

Self-pity is a city; lullabies, its slums. I traded love for nihilism, and lest ye be judged, consistently succumbed to the weakness in my blood, a defiance of Sabbaths, embrace of cynicism and language shared by tragic figures. I tolerated psalms and parables as justification for terrible deeds as you took your scissor hymns to […] […]

Sunbeams reveal
A shivering absence.

Lethargic lullabies
Lift the hem of Spring’s apron;
Strung-out bonnet strings
Squeeze blossoms through teeth.

Sense of pride
Momentary joy
Fleeting high

Their pearls drop

Make frequent stops
At floor levels

The chignon uncoils —
Loosening his tongue —
An Ascot tie
By my beckoning.

Nobody suspects
The stench of night sweats
Swarms below
The spotless brim
Of his jaunty cap

Resentful capriciousness
Nearly rests
As martyred saints
Into statuesque

On off-the-wagon
Of steel teeth still
From the night before

She kicks up dust
Diamond horseshoes
With common muck
And still fancies herself
Wiser out of the stable

Conic comet trails
Trek transient thimbles
Thumb prints
Thread through
Slippered-glass needles

Silverfish swim silently
As anemones allocate
In inferential islets.

One pop —
Then it’s gone:
A rustling scurry of shame,

As dialogue sputters to a ceasefire,
Hearts grow bolder,
Testing boundaries
Through subversive bungee jumps.

As sleep disbands,
Fantasy chords
The embers of disintegrated dreams.