He slingshots the killing rock
Misses his target

Reinventing art
Material recycled
Through plagiarism

Mellorine pastures
Snowmaking to pacify
Observer’s sweet tooth

Natural instinct
Witness the small miracle
Nurturing her young

Ripening belly
Fertile goddess undulates
Body grazes soul

Memories sweeten
Invigoration of loss
Don’t take me with you

Quiescent wildwood
Fastened to earth by forces

They make it their job
Spiteful nose-less hypocrites
Snorting up a fuss

Chronic crapehanger
Cathected with depression
Counteract with love

Man-on-man ass smack
Permissible flirtation

Her pretentious poise
When you come calling

Virgin wonderscape
Snowshoes to track waffled scars
Purely transient

Gotta full bosom
For bos’n to lay ’em down
His worries tonight

Eddies at the verge
Hurricane of discarded
Skirt around my knees

Scratch your itch
Scratch mine

Dummy yum yum tree
Bears mimicked fruit to entice

Devil’s advocate:
“Daylight become sinister…
Or evening’s debut?”

Taken for granted
Devalued education
Abused the system

Vanity’s revenge
Swallow hard to quench the want
Does it taste as sweet?

Free will, Muse keeps close
(Not your sculpted possession)
Her own masterpiece

Victimized pages
Took deliberate action
I regret nothing