Raise basket lid
Charm twitching snake

Virgin wonderscape
Snowshoes to track waffled scars
Purely transient

All that remained of Kitty
Were her teeth marks
On his putrid flesh

Car-chased by
A chariot on fire
Yanked wingless
From the sky

Vanity’s revenge
Swallow hard to quench the want
Does it taste as sweet?

Should we skip straight to the nonvirginal verse
The alternate version
Hardcore perversion

The Swiffer whore whorls
Hoarded in Northwestern corners
Churlishly childbearing
A browbeaten nudity
Subtly suggesting
A sulk

Active beer goggles
Drunk on hate, def can’t see straight
Dudes—call an Uber

Protection of Mollusca,
Mislabeled “laggards”

Flakes capitulate
Refuse flies from shaven scabs
Eraser marks mate

Paint-faced brick embraced
Sensation saturation
Obsession beheld

Hollow candy shell
Stuff the stockings with black coal
No surprise filling

How to relocate
Common curiosity
Safety in numbers

Slice it like a banana,
And split the slender bits.

Lethargic lullabies
Lift the hem of Spring’s apron;
Strung-out bonnet strings
Squeeze blossoms through teeth.

Sense of pride
Momentary joy
Fleeting high

Slightly pause

Before sinking it in
Slipping the tip into
To skin

Bouncing ponytail
Bareback rider, stirrups in
Giddy-up, old gal!

Do you like it fake?
Already been chewed.

They come a dime a dozen
Don Juan doesn’t mind