I would decline.

A neat feat of customer service

He slingshots the killing rock
Misses his target

He’s singing
About the shortcuts
To my veins

Ripening belly
Fertile goddess undulates
Body grazes soul

Her pretentious poise
When you come calling

I ain’t no cracked shell
To cushion your fall.

Hold my hand–he doesn’t matter.

All that remained of Kitty
Were her teeth marks
On his putrid flesh

I’m on the prowl again
As the lights grow dim
Seems like five years
Since I’ve given in to sin

Should we skip straight to the nonvirginal verse
The alternate version
Hardcore perversion

The Swiffer whore whorls
Hoarded in Northwestern corners
Churlishly childbearing
A browbeaten nudity
Subtly suggesting
A sulk

Active beer goggles
Drunk on hate, def can’t see straight
Dudes—call an Uber

Romance loved the plot
Boy meets girl — red herring role
Just to get her goat

Protection of Mollusca,
Mislabeled “laggards”

I tell her to speak;
She commands me to listen.
You: “Shut your piehole!”

Demure duchess damns
Criminal interference
She cast the first stone

Sunbeams reveal
A shivering absence.

Rider’s strapped in tight,
Ready to writhe.

Slice it like a banana,
And split the slender bits.

Lethargic lullabies
Lift the hem of Spring’s apron;
Strung-out bonnet strings
Squeeze blossoms through teeth.