I would decline.

He swears he loves me. I have an easy time believing him, because he keeps repeating it.

I have become a victim of my ingrained insecurities.

You pass me a note folded into a cat’s cradle and stroke my chipped Milky Way nail polish as I accept it.

Pretty much the best short story I’ve read on WordPress. They call me the Woodwose. But they know that I am the forest; I am the canopies and the wind and the soil underneath. I have been, ever since I inhabited its heart long ago, and settled again in another still, in the heart of […]

Hold my hand–he doesn’t matter.

Picture a less frightened version of Lampwick in the donkey-morphing scene from Pinocchio.

I, too, have known the metallic clang of silver soup spoon on steel-wrapped bars.

I’m silently exclaiming it right now: “Bewp!”

We are equally wrecked, and I do not need a drop of drink to loosen my tongue and un-prise my grasp and concede my bestial organ to your demand.

What might I tell the girl complicit in her own suffering?

Outwardly health-conscious girl secretly binge-eats Thin Mints while listening to Natalie Imbruglia. Relatable.

I’m sitting here with Johnny Appleseed and our linked devices, wondering what in the actual phuck has been going on here for the past few years. And that’s the whole point.

Komorebi peeks through the eaves of yesterday’s borrowed ease when the flibbertigibbets flippered in on frisky fins and no one remembered my name from his.

Pagan’s prayer
Worship the moon
Lunar synthesis
Sun-blind night

Searchlights speckle a night sky devoid of excess stars, both literal and figurative. Jittery jive-fingers strum strings, slap bare feet like tambourines. Tipsy tongue gently butchers lyrics that could slide into accuracy with more frequency. The cover artist doesn’t try to emulate the great singers of the past fifty years, but he does a muddled, […]

I used to travel her route on afterschool afternoons. They have since incorporated Helena’s Way into a construction site. Intentional or otherwise, now I scan the sidewalks from the car window, eager for a glimpse of her. There she goes, I would say. The one who won’t let me go. I have forgiven you thousand-crane […]

Warning: the following piece contains violence and strong language. Reader discretion is advised. Roderick, You are a terrible listener. I already told you — there exists zero chance of your regaining my favor. To state the obvious: I’ve never trusted you, and now I never will. Weep if you must, but I’m already onto your […]

When I’m by myself I’m never alone because obsessive thinking’s got my back (right hand’s got my front).

The color she picks is metallic purple. It reminds me of a skirt I used to wear to the club-of-the-week before I became legal. As she takes in every colorful detail of her favorite superhero cartoon, I paint her tiny fingernails more carefully than I’ve ever painted my own. I don’t tell her that one […]

Lest adults forget the importance of a child’s inherent wisdom… Mae is three years old. When she needs to blow her nose, she does not wait for a tissue. She takes care of business. Sometimes her business is learning about the viscosity of body fluids and the laws that govern them and it is not […]