I would decline.

He slingshots the killing rock
Misses his target

He’s singing
About the shortcuts
To my veins

Raise basket lid
Charm twitching snake

He swears he loves me. I have an easy time believing him, because he keeps repeating it.

They make it their job
Spiteful nose-less hypocrites
Snorting up a fuss

I ain’t no cracked shell
To cushion your fall.

I, too, have known the metallic clang of silver soup spoon on steel-wrapped bars.

What might I tell the girl complicit in her own suffering?

The Swiffer whore whorls
Hoarded in Northwestern corners
Churlishly childbearing
A browbeaten nudity
Subtly suggesting
A sulk

Active beer goggles
Drunk on hate, def can’t see straight
Dudes—call an Uber

Weeding out potential duds
More bang for your buck

False interpreter
Mimics the ocean’s ballad
Via store-bought conch

Ink forms thews of fists
That split splintered lips
Into punch-drunk grimaces

Demure duchess damns
Criminal interference
She cast the first stone

Slice it like a banana,
And split the slender bits.

Sinners go to Hell
They need you to believe it
Mind control at mass

Run races with scissors.
Take risks —
Not prisoners.

Their pearls drop

Businessman mistakes
Personal monopolies
For oligarchies

He lets you know
When to shut up
And just start singing.
You lost your nascent wings;
Zemblanity’s still stinging.